Zilvermeercross Mol

I’ll leave the photos up to a professional this time around ;). Yesterday, Zilvermeercross featured an awesome course, definitely one of my favorites. A great mixture of sand and, well, there was just mostly sand. I had a great start, felt fast in the race, and I’m starting to get more and more comfortable with the competition as I build my technical ability. In order to actually race, you need to be able to ride the course properly, and slowly but surely that is what is starting to happen.

As the sand ruts grew deeper late in the race, I made few tough mistakes that set me back more time than I wanted. A few times I was too front heavy, and others I lost track of the rut and got into the deep stuff. Every time you get off your bike in the sand due to a mistake it’s 10 seconds wasted, even more if your competitor makes it through smoothly.

As I made it through the start/ finish straight each time, I kept telling myself to go harder and ride smoother in order to provide motivation to make it just one more lap in the race. With 3 to go, I made it through- the first time that I didn’t get pulled on that lap while in Belgium. This gave me a rush of adrenaline. I realized I can do this, and I set out to have yet another lap on the course. After getting lapped by Mathieu van der Poel near the end of 2 to go, I knew it was time for me to wrap things up. I was happy with my race because it was a step in the right direction. Lot’s more things learned this time around check them out below.

Things I learned:

-Start as hard as possible

-Find the outside of corners to move up

-Don’t give up an inch at the start. The wheel ahead could be a free ride

-Ride smooth, don’t make mistakes

-I can ride with these guys

-When going into a sand rut, ride a larger gear than anticipated. It provides both balance and stability

-Ride smooth don’t make mistakes

-If you get off track in the sand- weight back, pedal smoothly as hard as you can

-Pick your spots on the course to go hard, find a wheel to ride in between those parts

-It always pays to have a race plan

-Mistakes are everything in the last laps

-If someone passes you, fight as hard as possible to hold their wheel

-Hold the wheel, make up places

-I can ride with these guys

-Ride smooth, don’t make mistakes

-Not making mistakes is usually harder than making mistakes

-Mistakes are everything in the last laps

-When running in the sand, run in others foot holes

-Mathieu van der Poel runs ridiculously fast in the sand

Onto next weekend I plan to race a double weekend with Essen on Saturday and Overijse on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to both, especially since my parents will be here too! Only 2 short weeks left in my trip, time to make the best of it!

Thanks to all my amazing sponsors, people who cheered, and Frank and Christian from Hof ter Kammen for amazing pit/ mechanic/ soigneur support once again!


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