China Cx: A Trip into Beijing

The next day after we arrived at our new hotel, we decided to head into Beijing for some site seeing. The subway station was pretty close so it made for some easy travel with some walking in between. We had plans to visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City as well meet up with Megan and her step brother halfway through and catch up with them.

My time in China has been amazing so far because we are able to race, experience the culture, and sight see some amazing things. I made sure to document this one with my camera-so I hope you enjoy looking at the photogs!

We took the subway into Beijing. It ended up being about 40 mins of travel to Tiananmen Square





Josh was our tour guide wherever we went. It was super nice to have a local lead us around or we definitely would have been lost.

Josh was our tour guide wherever we went. It was super nice to have a local lead us around or we definitely would have been lost.

The food alleyway. Selling everything from Scorpions on a stick to fine Chinese pastries.

Tiananmen Square

Street sales for the tourists. Todd and I got yelled at quickly after this because the guy didn’t want cameras around.

A building in the Forbidden City

Other tourists or locals taking pics with Josh. He’s so popular here, no wonder he likes China.

Forbidden City

These guys were hilarious. They kept joking around and then put that hat on Todd.

Beside the water just outside the Forbidden City

This guy was rippin’ with a oversized load. So many of these around Beijing. Some weren’t motorized…now that would be some good training.

More scooter vehicles. So popular!

Outside the Forbidden City the military was performing drills

The detail on the building roofs was amazing.

Best lunch during our trip. Vegetarian restaurant ranked #2 in the city and it was so good. Definitely had a food coma after this.

Some street candy Megan bought us in the food alley. It was definitely the most interesting thing I’ve eaten. We were joking around that it was a mixture of asbestus and drywall mixed with cotton candy. Mmmm.

The dry wall candy being made. Lots of little strings of something were powdered in sugar and then folded up into little rolls. Different flavors were made with a mixture of small nuts inside.

Locals/ tourists posing with statues in Beijing.

Roof detail near the Forbidden City. Every building was so intricate.

Forbidden City

Another alley we passed through

Bought some good souvenirs from this shop. The lady was nice and tried to sell me traditional Chinese women’s clothing too. I told her Heather wouldn’t really be into that…

Looking out at Beijing, the Forbidden City walls were at my back. A beautiful landscape.

Part of Tiananmen Square. Dunno what we’re looking at, but it seemed special.

Thanks for reading!


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