China CX: A Trip to the Great Wall 

7 hours of sleep last night..I’ll take it! Its tough to sleep in when the time change is so different. 13 hours ahead here in China completely flips your sleep schedule on its head. Today Josh and I woke up and the race organizers plan was to give everyone competing in the race a chance to visit the Great Wall. We eagerly got dressed and headed to breakfast to meet Josh’s parents to get some fuel before the eventful morning.

At 830 AM we were outside the hotel boarding 3 large buses for a half hour trip to the Great Wall. I took a bunch of photogs when we got there so I’ll let those tell the story. Enjoy!


Our bus on the way to the great wall!

Traffic circle

One of the traffic circles on the way to the great wall. Not sure what it says…

View from the gate

The Great Wall from the ticketing gates. Little did I know the view would only get so much better…

Group leaders

We formed lines once we got to the ticketing gate. We had a lot of people so they had to keep track of us, but once we were through the gates we could roam whichever way we wanted. Josh recommended we explore the left side, so we did. The steepest parts were over there.

The entrance

The entrance to the Wall. This actually just led to the tourist shop area and ticketing stations.


A small temple off in the distance at one of the furthest points we walked to on the wall.

Tourist crowd

Often there were multiple people with a member from our group trying to take selfies with them. Everyone was very friendly.




Step gap

The steps of the great wall were uneven and some had gaps in them. You definitely had to watch your step, especially on the way down.

Peace sign

Friendly tourists. I ended up taking a few photos with these guys, because  I was a foreigner.

Great Wall perspective

I could not wrap my head around how long this wall was. Totally amazing! It was fun to try to look off in the distance and see if you could spot it cresting another mountain.

Hole In wall

There were consistently placed holes in the wall, I’m sure for some type of defense access point back in the day when it was used for non tourist purposes. They offered some great perspectives though!

View from hole.

View from the same hole in the wall.

Guy with hat

This guy had an awesome hat on, so I had to take a picture. Lots of hats and funny graphic t shirts around China.


The steepest part that we walked of the Great Wall. Hold onto that hand rail. The perspective was difficult to capture.

Lots of engravings on all of the stones of the Wall. Not sure if they are tourist or not, but I liked to think that they were part of the history of the wall.

Hikin’ the great wall with Josh.

One of the many awesome t shirts spotted around China.


Todd ( looked like he had a great perspective so I followed his lead.

Another great t shirt. The front and sleeves said, “I like your style”.

Kellie, Josh’s mom, getting the ultimate selfie perspective.


A very steep part of the wall with no steps available. The stones were a bit slippery too from all of the foot traffic. Be careful!

Out of focus but this little boys hat was cool, and it included a “rat tail” in the back.

Goofin’ with Josh.

Group selfie

One of the several groups of people that I took selfies with. Definitly an entertaining experience.


The mountains around the Great Wall.

Arch perspective

Another perpective of the Great Wall.

Parking lot

We definitely covered some elevation. This is the view from the Great Wall down to the parking lot where our big buses were.

Thanks for reading!


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