Resolution Cup UCI Day 2

Day 2 of the Resolution Cx Cup in Dallas, TX went just as I had hoped and I landed an 8th place finish! The course hardened up quite a bit but it was very fun because the ground was stillvery pliable like clay. Burms formed on all of the corners of the course and the track formed into more of a luge run which made lap times minutes faster today.
After feeling a bit more energetic on day 2, I was able to race more aggressively and push the pace of the group I was in. I was riding in the lead chase group with places 5-10 during the first half of the race, and as the race went on gaps were formed and the battle for the place just outside of the top five became very tight. Accelerations weremade and I had good enough legs to counter all of the attacks on the most important parts of the course. As the final laps approached, it came down to the big grass climb to fight for 6th place. I pushed as hard as I could on the last lap but 6th place motored away as I was left battling with 7th. It was a tight race until the end and I wrapped up 8th place and was really pleased with my effort.
 I was really happy I was able to redeem myself on day 2 in order to build some confidence towards nationals. Now with a satisfying weekend under myself, I’m ready to continue my preparation for the last race of my season!


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